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Whether you're looking for a 2-6 seater aircraft so you can zip around Europe for work or something to fly yourself for pleasure...

Whether you need your aircraft relocated or are looking for a business aircraft with comprehensive management, maintenance and an experienced pilot...

Computaplane is here to help with aircraft purchase, delivery, inspections

  • Over 45 years experience in aircraft sales and delivery

  • Over 2,500 worldwide deliveries

  • Over 1,000 personal Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean crossings

  • Extensive professional network for sales and delivery

  • Competitive delivery rates

  • Diplomatic approvals and overflight permits

  • Flight planning & flight following

  • Pre-purchase aircraft inspections

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How can we help you?

Are you unsure about the exact aircraft specs that will perfectly cater to your needs?

Don't waste your money on an aircraft that isn't up to the task. From seat numbers to maximum range and everything in between, our aircraft experts will ensure you not only get a competitive rate on your ideal aircraft but that it truly meets your needs.


Are you worried about whether the aircraft you want is up to scratch and value for money?

Whether you purchase your aircraft through us or not, we offer comprehensive pre-purchase aircraft inspections so you won't be left in the dark regarding your aircraft's maintenance records, log books and possible damage history. With our thorough inspection, not only will you avoid any costly post-purchase surprises but you'll also be able to confidently negotiate on price.

Do you know about all the registrations, licences and other paperwork needed to buy or re-register your aircraft?

Is the aircraft you have your eye on mortgage or lease-free? Do you know the ins and outs of the tight regulations applied in many countries, when it comes to aircraft sales and re-registration? With Computaplane, you don't need to. We'll take care of all of the details, including diplomatic approvals, clear title and overflight permits, so you get the aircraft you expected.


Get in touch for a FREE consultancy on your next aircraft or delivery

Meet Geoffrey Rosenbloom

Computaplane Founder and CEO

To say that Geoffrey Rosenbloom knows his stuff when it comes to aircraft is an understatement. With over 66 years of flying experience, including 8 years as a fighter pilot in the RAF and 4 years as a commercial pilot for Loganair, Geoffrey lives and breathes aircraft.

In 1970, Geoffrey struck out on his own, setting up Air Charter Scotland, where he racked up over 1000 hours in a 6-seater twin engined Piper Aztec aircraft in the first year alone.

He spent the next 18 years flying newspapers every night from Glasgow to Belfast, never missing a single flight, as well as flying oil rig workers to work several times a week and businessmen all over UK and Europe for day meetings. It's this same unwavering dedication that Geoffrey put into the launch of Computaplane in 1978.

Why "Computaplane"? In 1978 Geoffrey ploughed £12,000 into what was then the latest IBM computer (which was also the size of a piano!) to facilitate the sale of aircraft. While that computer is long-retired, Geoffrey and Computaplane continue to thrive selling and delivering countless aircraft year on year that includes Airliners, Sea Planes, Warbirds, Trainers, Singles, Light Twins, Turboprops and Executive Jets.