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Price: £90,000 Nil VAT

Fabulous Vintage 1957 Piper Super Super Cub 150, G-SUPA

Probably one of the nicest Cubs worldwide

Meticulous maintenance with over £10,000 spent on last Annual, 27th July 2022

Hangared at Balado, in Scotland

Description and Specification

TT 3820

Engine 715

Prop 156

VFR avionics with 8.33KHz radio

More information shortly


VFR with 833 Comm

Sold to the United States

Eclipse Jet, 2007.  Ser # 500-000015, Registered in Guernsey as 2-LOKI

Low TT, no major inspections due before July 22.

Air Conditioned, Deiced, Leather interior. All EASA modifications complied with for private or commercial use.

VAT paid aircraft, but for sale with NIL VAT.

Description and Specification

Avio NG v1.5 - EASA PACKAGE – This 2007 Eclipse 500 is equipped with the very rare EASA package, allowing operation under any registration of EASA member nation. EU VAT paid, ensures immediate ready turn-key solution for new operator.
Total Time under 700 Hours with under 800 Cycles
Avio NG v1.5 Avionics Suite Standard features include: Two Primary Flight Displays (PFDs), One 15” Multi-Function Display (MFD) with airliner-style synoptic displays of all aircraft systems. Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) (Includes windshield diverter strips) Panel Mounted Garmin G400W (WAAS Capability) -Colour Weather Radar & Includes latest mandatory ADS-B “out”

LX Edition ($39,995 option) (Upgraded passenger cabin appointments including beige leather passenger seats with forward leather storage pouch & aluminium seat belt buckles, down wash lighting, beneath cabin side bolsters, gross point covered lower sidewalls, 110v power outlets, Wood laminate accent trim and built-in coat hooks. Additional cockpit appointments include all leather pilot & copilot seats with adjustable lumbar support, padded knee supports, metal thrust lever knobs, and foot well lights.

Commercial Operations Package / Part 135 Package ($49,950 option) (Third Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS), 40 cu ft oxygen tank replaces standard 22 cu ft tank, second hand-held microphone, second quick-don oxygen mask, three AC power outlets, five passenger briefing cards. Skywatch HP TAS (Traffic Alert System) ($31,950 option) Class B TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System) ($21,000 option) Installation Kit (Required when installing certain options) ($19,875 install). Colour Weather Radar ($27,950 option). European Aviation Safety Agency Certification (EASA) ($199,950 option) (Incudes ADF/DME & Dual Diversity Transponders, Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) ($41,000 option), Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) ($14,950 option). Dual Diversity Transponders ($29,950 each), ADS-B “out” ($24,900 option), Aux Pitot Probe Heaters / Pitot Flange Heaters ($9,995 option). Dual RAS 24 amp batteries -Upgraded combustion liners installed (Certified for flight to 41,000’). RAS alternative maintenance program STC, Tamagawa Pitch Trim Actuators
Complies with all Mandatory Service Bulletins
24 month / 300 hr airframe insp. done 7/20 (687.5 hrs) (Due 7/22 or 987.5 hrs).
48 month / 1,200 hr airframe insp. done 7/20 (687.5 hrs) (Due 7/24 or 1,887.5 hrs)
48 month fuel bay inspection completed 7/20 (Next due 7/24).
New style PhostrEx Fire Extinguisher Canisters fitted ($20,485 Service Bulletin)




Price: $79,500

  • Scottish Aviation Bulldog, HA-TUK
  • White with blue civil paintwork
  • Fly away Budapest $79,500 nil VAT

Description and Specification

Scottish Aviation Bulldog, HA-TUK

SK61,  Ser BH 100-045, 1971

VFR Avionics being fitted. The missing items in the panel will, of course, be replaced

Fresh EASA C of A being completed now and export C of A available if required

TTSN 4980  

No spar life issues

ex Swedish Air Force trainer

Engine IO-360 A1B6

OH 08/08, TSOH 1450 with 2000 TBO. Great compressions after recent strip, rebuild and internal inspection with required replacement of some parts due metal found in filter

Propeller TSOH 0.  OH completed September 2022

3 seats, dual controls

White and Blue with Dark Grey interior

Set of brand new boxed skis available at extra cost if required

VFR with 833 comm


Price: $189,500

  • Cessna 185A Skywagon, Popular Taildragger with Factory Float Kit. 1975
  • P.Ponk SA00413WI reinforced MLG inner brackets,
  • P.Ponk SA2918NM reinforced MLG outboard brackets,
  • STC SA150NW Flap Gap Seals
  • Skydiving door, glider/banner towing hook
  • TTSN 4550
  • Flyaway Budapest $189,500 USD  Nil VAT
  • Export C of A available if required.
  • Can deliver worldwide.

Description and Specification

Engine: TCM IO-520D with 390 TSOH
Propeller: P.Ponk STC SA00413WI TTSO 150
King KY 196;  KN-50; KT76A; KN-64; KA-51A; KR-21; KI-204; Bodin 850 Attitude Indicator; UBG-16, ELT-345; Navomatic C-200 autopilot.
White with Black & Blue accents



Price: €40,000

  • Cessna 150L  HA-BAH

  • Allover White Paint, Grey seats

  • Flyaway Budapest  40,000 EU, VAT Nil

Description and Specification

F15000975, 1971

TTSN 11,040

Engine TSOH 380 with 1800 TBO.

Prop TSOH 160 with 2000 TBO



Price: €40,000

  • Cessna 150L  HA-SLN

  • White and Red Paint, Black seats

  • Flyaway Budapest 40,000 Eu, VAT Nil

Description and Specification

F15000661, 1973

TTSN 7290

Engine 1760 TSOH, with 1800 TBO, extendable for private use on condition

Prop TSOH 900 with 2000 TBO



Price: $79,500

  • Scottish Aviation Bulldog, HA-VUK

  • Camouflage paint

  • Fly away Budapest,$79,500 with Nil VAT  

Description and Specification

Scottish Aviation Bulldog, HA-VUK

SK61,  Ser BH 100-135, 1972

VFR Avionics with 833 comm

Fresh EASA Annual Inspection being completed

No spar life issues

ex Swedish Air Force trainer

TTSN: 4170

Eng: IO-360 A1B6  2000 TBO. Will be borescoped and any parts replaced as required after long term preservation
From old Sweedish logs,  TTSO: 605 hours (1997-10-21)  DLO:@1298h ,1986-03-07
Will have new camshaft, tappets, bearings, new overhaul gasket set, and misc parts. 

Prop: HC-C2YK-4BF TSOH 380, with 1800 TBO, installed 05/16

3 seats, dual controls

Good condition camouflage paint scheme with dark grey interior

Set of brand new boxed snow skis available to be supplied at extra cost if required

* VFR with 833 comm

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